Have never done a zip wire before this excellent day out.


Hotel provided us with some helpful information before booking because they had approximately 5 or 6 full A3 sized colour brochures on the many Zip Wire experiences and this was one of the three that they pointed out in particular. Prices for this were at 2,000 baht each. The others were at between 2,500 and 2,800 each, so this made the decision quite easy because with three of us going, it amounted to a fair saving. 

The airconditioned van collected us first at about 12:30. We returned at about 7:30. Unfortunatley we were the first group to be picked up, but fortunaltey one of the first to be dropped off, so it evened itself out. After the pick ups were complete, the journey is about 1.5 hrs. This may seem a long time but it is totally worth it, quite simply because this is where the flora, the views and the rugged terrain is. 



We were managed exclusively by locals from in and around the village that this is based out of. Every single one of the guys was fantastic. They were obviously happy in their work, courteous and reaspectful. 

Too many zip lines to remember, but I guess >20. Too many platforms to remember, a handful of abseils between platforms, and a handful of very enjoyable rope and wooden bridges to cross. 

The final Zip is immense. I would say that it was between 800 & 900metres long, and equally high!!

Good food (Rice, Meat & Vegetarian dishes, fruit & water) is provided as part of the deal. You can also buy Pepsi, Sprite, Beers too. The restaurant seating area is very unique, and finishes the experience off very well.

Lockers are provided to store your valuables whislt you are out amongst the trees

I would certainly do this again. No hesitation.



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